Oct 22, 2014

Why I Need Feminism

As a straight female who wears make up, dyes my hair and puts immense effort into the clothes I wear, people are often startled by my unapologetic feminism. I am often told that I don’t “look like a feminist.” What does that even mean? Am I not a feminist because I shave my armpits? Am I not a feminist because I like to dress up when I go out? Am I not a feminist because I am not ugly? Feminists come in all shapes, sizes and genders. We all need feminism and it is time that we all realize it.

This is why I need feminism:

1. because women are human and all humans deserve the same rights

2. because my self worth should not be determined by my appearance

3. because every six seconds a woman is sexually assaulted

4. because I have felt a victim of sexual assault and was not been able to speak up

5. because feminism isn’t about hating men and men should support feminism too

6. because women should not be called sluts and whores for having casual sex

7. because I shouldn’t feel like I have to have sex with him in order to keep him interested in me

8. because I should have autonomy over my body

9. because I am sick of being called a bitch for being assertive

10. because the Daily Mail would rather report on a female politician’s outfit than her intellect and capabilities

11. because I was grounded when my parents found out I had sex despite the fact that it was my choice and my body

12. because equal pay for equal work just makes sense

13. because men think I’m “crazy” for sharing my emotions

14. because my “progressive” high school reprimanded girls based on the length of their skirts

15. because I’m terrified of walking home alone at night

16. because no means no

17. because I shouldn’t feel weaker in the presence of men

18. because if I don’t want to smile, I don’t have to smile 

19. because I have to make a list about why I need feminism

20. because I am afraid of receiving hate for this post

21. because I posted this on Facebook and not a single man liked this post

Get educated on feminism and join the movement. 

Sep 9, 2014

M. Bottiglieri: Work-Ready, Style-Ready

Deciding what to wear for a job or internship interview can be a daunting task. You want to show off your individuality, but it's crucial to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Luxury brand M. Bottiglieri has all the necessary basics that one needs to begin building an office appropriate outfit. I chose the M Bottiglieri's 'Hudson' shirt as I strongly believe that one can never go wrong with a classic white button-down. Paired with a baggy cropped sweater, a jeweled chain, black jeans and a pair of creepers, I was able to maintain my own style but also create a professional outfit.

(also, how cute are these cufflinks, they come on every 'Hudson' shirt?!)
shirt- M. Bottiglieri | sweater- Religion | jeans - J Brand | shoes - T.U.K | necklace - bought in Hong Kong.

M. Bottiglieri is a luxury fashion brand. The brand and their new collection are inspired by the warm emotions and good feelings engendered by la coccinella – Italian for ladybug. Our mantra is, and always will be, clean, luxurious and simply beautiful versatility.

Aug 28, 2014

From London to Ibiza

After a month in rainy London, I decided to jet over to Ibiza for my last few days in Europe. Sun, sangria, tapas, beautiful beaches and incredible clubs made for the perfect getaway. I've realized that it's so important to take some time for yourself and occasionally just relax, turn off the wifi, lay on a beach and sip ridiculously overpriced mojitos. From now on, Ibiza is definitely going to be an annual event. Who's in for next year?!

bikini - H&M (I think)

Passion Cafe in Playa d'en Bossa

Tahiti & Tiare beach bar in Playa d'en Bossa

Dalt Vila, Ibiza

Ushuaia resort

dress - American Apparel | necklace - vintage | rings - [top to bottom in pic] &Other Stories, Etsy and customized gift | face jewels - Claire's | mascara - YSL 'Babydoll'

Calvin Harris at Amnesia

Paris by Night with Bob Sinclar at Pacha Ibiza

Avicii at Ushuaia beach club

Jun 23, 2014

Summer Essentials

Jonathan Adler tote // Hermes wallet // Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn // Swarovski pen // Ray-Ban sunglasses // Mulberry keychain [similar] // Metrocard 

Other Summer Favorites:
Band: Pinegrove
Fitness craze: Soul Cycle
Fashion trend: Jumpsuits

Jun 1, 2014

The Intern 'Selfie' Project

Last summer when I was working at Teen Vogue I embarked on my own personal "selfie" project. In an attempt to not repeat any outfits, I took a quick snapshot on my way to work everyday. As I begin to assemble outfits for my new summer internship these photos have been paramount in providing inspiration.

My 3 internship essentials:
1 comfortable yet flattering footwear (think: platforms, booties, pretty sandals) as you never know where you'll need to run to on a moment's notice
2 a big bag (or in my case, multiple big bags) to carry all your necessities
3 a sweater, cardigan or light jacket as even though it's 100+ degrees outside, the AC in the office will more likely make it feel like Antarctica 

[R to L, top to bottom]: 1 Gryphon dress, Mulberry bag & Vince Camuto boots 2 Zara t-shirt, H&M bomber jacket, Topshop skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots & Zara bag 3 Current/Elliott jacket, New Look crop top, Topshop skirt & Alexander Wang 'Donna' bag 4 Monki shirt, Zara kids skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots & Zara bag5 Tibi shirt, Brandy Melville shorts, Aldo sandals & Asos backpack 6 Alexander Wang t-shirt & Zara shorts | 7 Religion sweater & Tibi skirt | 8 thrifted skirt & J Park shirt | 9 Alexander Wang tank, Topshop skirt, Aldo shoes & Alexander Wang 'Donna' bag | 10 Wildfox t-shirt & Topshop skirt | 11 Hyden Yoo, Theory skirt, Aldo sandals & Alexander Wang bag | 12 Zara short suit & Club Monaco t-shirt

Apr 24, 2014

Instagram Diaries: Spring 2014

This semester has been a whirlwind of work, fun, and a little more work. Two more weeks and I'll be back to blogging on a regular schedule, but for now, enjoy my life via instagrams (follow me: ava_tallulah). 

[R to L, top to bottom]: 1 my #luxury motto  2 homegurl is back in New York | 3 the reason why I'm broke = Juice Generation | 4 raving with my bbys Tsarina & Justin5 that one time Tsarina & I were super original and took a selfie with Drew Taggart of the Chainsmokers  | 6 lychee mimosas @ Klong = heaven on earth

Oh, and some fun updates:
*I will be interning at Cosmo UK this summer
*I'll be in London July through August
*I'll be at Gov Ball, EDC & Bonnaroo (so let me know if you're going)

Feb 28, 2014

Instagram Diaries: 2014 (Thus Far)

We may only be 2 months into the new year, but already I feel like so much has happened. I have a fantastic internship, I was able to attend NYFW shows for the first time, I was featured in the New York Times, and I've been having incredible weekends with my friends. It seems that 2014 could pan out to be a really wonderful year!

[R to L, top to bottom]: 1 Morgan's birthday dinner at Lafayette 2 the Theory/Theyskens' Theory fashion show at NYFW | 3 that one time Tsarina and I were in The New York Times | 4 in honor of NEDAwareness week I decided to post my own #transformationtuesday and talk about my own experience recovering from anorexia | 5 raving at DVBBS with Tsarina and Amelia | 6 my alternative valentine's day seeing Skrillex with Kevin

Feb 4, 2014


There is something so fantastically futuristic about neoprene. I feel like when we discover life on Mars they'll definitely be wearing neoprene.

photos by Austen
dress- Gryphon // boots- Topshop // socks- Primark // watch- Coach

Jan 24, 2014

Leather Confessions

I am a total fiend for leather jackets. While most people can usually be content with one, I always find a way to justify a need for multiple. This Maison Scotch leather jacket is the latest addition to my ever-expanding collection and definitely my favorite- just look at the doodles on the back! I love when I buy a piece that I know is going to be in my closet forever. 

jacket - Maison Scotch // sweater - Barneys New York // t-shirt - Club Monaco // jeans - Topshop Petite // boots - Frye // bag - Alexander Wang // sunglasses - Alexander Wang // necklace - Tiffany & Co.

Jan 13, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed

After almost 3 weeks of nonstop travel, I'm finally home. Can't wait to share some of my Hong Kong snaps with you all and get back to posting regularly!
sweater- Topshop // shirt- J.Crew // jeans- American Eagle // boots- Frye // bag- Alexander Wang // jacket- Star Room