Jun 25, 2009


Day 1: 
It was for sure one hell of a way to begin my summer. Arriving at the grounds, I was greeted by the sight of hipsters, kids, artists, hippies, and many barefoot wonderers squelching bravely through the mud. I must admit I
 was a little uneasy at first about the amount of mud covering my shiny black Doc's. The initial worry soon blew over though as I was greeted by the delightful sounds of Gomez 
and their British indie rock vibe. After seeing a collection of wonderful bands by the likes of Animal Collective, Santigold, TV On The Radio, David Byrne and many more talented acts (and eating truck loads of delicious vegetarian food!), we headed over to the Beastie Boys. As the Beastie Boys finished up their set with "Sabotage", one of my favorite songs by them, a flood of people entered into the main stage area to get the optimum spot to see Phish. With 
the Guest tickets we had been given from the organizers of Bonna
roo, my father and I were able to sit in a special reserved area with a phenomenal view of the main stage. After what seemed like d
ecades, Phish appeared before us all. The crowd of about 50,000+ people roared ferociously for this famous jam band who are often called the "Grateful Dead of our day", although that is debatable. There were glow sticks flying in every direction and the strongest smell of marijuana filling the air. We left Phish after about an hour and a half in, because as unbelievably talented as we all know they are, neither myself or my father are huge fans of the famed jam band. We headed over to see Crystal Castles, the electronic experimental band from Toronto. If we had thought the smell of marijuana was strong during Phish's performance, it was sure taken to a whole new level over at this rave band's tent. The intense thumping beats began, and all hell broke loose in the tent. There were lights flashing everywhere, glow sticks being broken and splattered upon everybody, drugs of all sorts being passed from person to person. The environment I was standing in was one I had never experienced before. It was one so fascinating yet so overwhelming at the same time. People pushed from all directions and the music burrowed deep with in my mind; I soon found myself splattered in neo
n sprinkles. I must say, it was quite a unique way to end our superior day. 

Day 2: 
We were back and once again feeling like we were in a place far outside of this world. It was just wonderful to venture through
 the grounds and see all the different people who are brought together here, and listen to all the intriguing sounds of music, chatter, laughter. The atmosphere was just as roaring as the day before but the sun was beating down a lot brighter. My father and I wandered aimlessly looking at little stalls filled with band t-shirts, tye-dyed blankets, jewelry made out of guitar parts and bowls made out of old records, and thats just to name a few of the items available for sale. The heat was unbelievably intense that day, so we resided under a tree whilst we listened to Bon Iver's beautifully refreshing sound. Once his breath taking set was finished we swarmed in to the tent and got ready to see the next brilliant band by the name of Of Montreal. I'd heard from many friends that there show was unforgettable and wacky, so I much anticipated it. It was so hectic in the tent, and as a very short person I found it a little challenging to see over the many bobbing heads. I can tell you, what I did see though was ludicrously engulfing. Their outfits were so flamboyant, there were angel wings on some and others dosed in extreme amounts of glitter. There were long arms on sticks waving around the stage and people dressed in bizarre costumes tumbling in all directions. The screen behind the band flashed different pictures and videos. It was surreally beautiful. Elvis Costello was next on our list of the day. On the way over to the tent he was performing in, we picked up the most palatable organic french fries I have ever tasted. At the same time Elvis was playing so were The Decemberists, Wilco and Mars Volta which was a total bummer as I would have loved to see all those bands as well. We ended up being front of the stage and taking beautiful pictures of the world famous musician. He was absolutely incredible, probably one of the best live acts I've ever seen and will ever see. Unfortunately we had to leave his phenomenal performance early if we wanted to get decent seating in the Guest area for Bruce Springsteen (Luckily, we got to pass Mars Volta and hear a little delightful snipet of that!). We got to the main stage with plenty of time to spare and got wonderful seating with a great view of the What Stage. Once again, Springsteen is not one of mine and my father's favorites, so we didn't plan on staying the full length. I can tell you that he did put on an incredible show, but to me all his songs sound exactly the same. He sure is talented, but just not my cup of tea. We headed back over to the VIP lounge where I got to curl up in my tye-dye blanket on a comfy sofa and listen to the sounds of The Decemberists whom were playling on the tv. I was glad I got to somehow see all their wonder that I had sadly missed early that day. I called my boyfriend @ 11 our time, which was 12 New York time and wished him the happiest birthday ever, then shortly after that we departed the community of Bonnaroo for good. We returned to our vile little motel room, with the in room bathtub and rinsed away the mud left upon us, but never would the memories of our trip be rinsed away.