Oct 24, 2013

Instagram Diaries: Fall 2013

I'm sorry, I really have no excuse other than "I suck" for why I have scarcely been posting lately. It's midterm season and I've been trying to just keep myself afloat and not completely drown. For now, here's a glimpse at what I've been up to when my head hasn't been buried in a book:
[R to L, top to bottom]: 1 Favorite brunch spot Virage with Mum | 2 Lorde show | 3 Best friend selfies with Julia | 4 the return of the holographic skirt | 4 my luv Victoria #bffz | 5 Partier? Cartier? same thing | 6. Mine and Tsarina's new boots | 7 Casual Saturday lunch at Sperry showroom | 8 Oscarprgirl speaking at TVFU #girlcrush