Nov 19, 2013

The Queen of Sample Sales

I am the self-professed queen of sample sales. This week I ventured to Tibi and The News Showroom (which is jam packed full of amazing Clu and Cheap Monday pieces) and spent way too much money that I don't have. It's so much easier to justify a big spend when you're getting a great discount...

[photos by Austen]
sweater- Cheap Monday // tank- Petit Bateau // jeans- Cheap Monday // boots- Topshop // necklace- Tiffany & Co. // bag- Alexander Wang // holographic ring- Cheap Monday


  1. I'm useless at sample sale bargains- mostly as I'm not sample sale sizes :(
    Love your outfit especially you shoes :)

  2. Waauw I'm in love with that sweater!

  3. haha oh i totally agree, its super easy to spend when your shopping a sale ;)
    anyway, love this outfit, the sweater is super cool with those slits up the side and i so want your shoes!!


    ♥ Ellen
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  4. That sweater looks so soft and cozy :-)

  5. what kind of camera/lens are used in this photo?