Feb 28, 2014

Instagram Diaries: 2014 (Thus Far)

We may only be 2 months into the new year, but already I feel like so much has happened. I have a fantastic internship, I was able to attend NYFW shows for the first time, I was featured in the New York Times, and I've been having incredible weekends with my friends. It seems that 2014 could pan out to be a really wonderful year!

[R to L, top to bottom]: 1 Morgan's birthday dinner at Lafayette 2 the Theory/Theyskens' Theory fashion show at NYFW | 3 that one time Tsarina and I were in The New York Times | 4 in honor of NEDAwareness week I decided to post my own #transformationtuesday and talk about my own experience recovering from anorexia | 5 raving at DVBBS with Tsarina and Amelia | 6 my alternative valentine's day seeing Skrillex with Kevin


  1. That's soo cool that you were featured in the paper! Congrats on the successful start to the year :)


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